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Resilient Home = Insurance Savings: Agriboard Green Building Systems' Triumph Over Natural Disasters

In recent years, the frequency and intensity of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires have been on the rise. These catastrophic events pose significant challenges to homeowners and insurance companies alike. It's imperative for insurance companies to find innovative and sustainable building solutions that can withstand the fury of Mother Nature and reduce the financial burden associated with insurance claims.

The Agriboard Green Building System is a pioneering solution that offers resilience and cost savings. Its performance in real-world scenarios, showcases its potential to revolutionize the insurance industry. We have spoken before about how great our system is for rapid disaster relief housing, but we should also mention that our system can decrease the amount of disaster relief housing necessary by simply not falling victim to damaging winds, earthquakes and wildfires in the first place.

Our Foundation of Resilience

The Agriboard Green Building System is a cutting-edge construction technique that leverages compressed agricultural fibers to create highly durable building panels and couple them with another highly durable building product, recycled light gauge steel (LGS). These two products, when paired together, offer exceptional strength in the face of adversity, making it a preferable choice for insurance companies.

Earthquake Resistance

Agriboard's Green Building Systems' strong structural integrity minimizes the risk of damage during an earthquake. Both the Agriboard panels and LGS possess a degree of flexibility that allows them to absorb and dissipate the energy generated during seismic events. As a result, homes built using this system are more likely to withstand even strong tremors, reducing the frequency of earthquake-related claims.

Hurricane and Tornado Durability

The Agriboard Green Building System excels in hurricane and tornado-prone regions due to its wind-resistant design. Again, the panels and LGS create a strong barrier which also has just enough give to keep it from cracking like wood framing does in high force winds, making them less susceptible to wind-induced damage. Not only can they withstand the force of the winds, but the flying debris associated with hurricanes and tornadoes will do little to no damage to the thickly compressed panels, reducing the need for insurance payouts. Our panels have even been used for blast resistance by the US Military. That is how strong they are!

Wildfire Resistance

One of the most compelling aspects of the Agriboard system is its ability to withstand wildfires. Texas, known for its susceptibility to wildfires, witnessed the impressive performance of this building system. A spec home, constructed using Agriboard Green Building Systems, proved to be a sanctuary during a Texas wildfire that burned nearly everything else to the ground. Compressed straw, due to its lack of oxygen, doesn't stay alight without a constant flame source. When paired with LGS and other fire resistant finishes our house demonstrated a remarkable ability to resist fire and heat. This means fewer insurance claims for property damage, potentially leading to significant cost savings for insurance companies.

Agriboard Green Building System offers multiple advantages for insurance companies including reducing claims. Homes constructed with Agriboard materials are less likely to suffer damage during natural disasters, resulting in fewer insurance claims and lower payout costs. It can also decrease premiums. With reduced risk, insurance companies can offer lower premiums to their potential customers who choose to build with Agriboard, making it an attractive option for policyholders.

It also doesn't hurt that this disaster resistant product is also eco-friendly, as it utilizes renewable and recyclable materials. This aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and resilient construction methods, which can enhance the image of insurance companies as environmentally conscious entities.

In a world where natural disasters are becoming increasingly prevalent, insurance companies that embrace and promote resilient building methods like our Agriboard Green Building System stand to benefit from reduced claims, lower premiums, and a sustainable reputation. This innovative construction technology is a step toward a safer and more resilient future, where insurance companies can protect their customers, the earth and their bottom lines simultaneously.

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