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A Smarter Way to Build

Why is Agriboard™ A Smarter Way to Build?

Agriboard is made with agrifiber, also known as agricultural fiber.


The agricultural by-product that Agriboard Green Building Systems™ uses is the plentiful agricultural waste straw left over from the wheat or rice harvest. 


Agriboard's Advantages:

Versatility: Agriboard Green Building Systems is structurally strong and offers a variety of designs for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.


Cost Savings: Agriboard is affordable with less construction time and less utility costs.


Comfort: Agriboard offers insulated comfort during cold and hot weather and resists outdoor and indoor noise.


Safety: Agriboard is fire resistant and a natural product with no added chemicals or adhesives.

Sustainability: Agriboard is considered a sustainable resource as it is made from agricultural by-products that would otherwise be discarded and burned and cause poor air quality.

Durability: Agriboard is highly durable and resistant to mold, mildew, pests, and decay, and is earthquake tested.

Green Building: Agriboard produces strong, long lasting, comfortable GREEN buildings with a negative carbon footprint

Latest News 
Agriboard Panel Siemic Testing

Green Building Material Market May See a Big Move with an Opportunity of USD 822.1 Billion by 2032

March 17th


Global Green Building Material Market Size in 2022 was USD 310.7 Billion, Market Value set to reach USD 822.1 Billion at 10.3% CAGR by 2032

Building an Agriboard House

Agrifiber Products Market is expected to offer significant growth at a CAGR of 5.1%

March 2nd


Products made from agrifiber are more in demand than those made from wood fiber because of their advantages over the former in the marketplace.

Straw Bales to Agriboard

Agriboard™ in Action

The following videos will help you to further understand the unique, state-of-the-art processes involved in

Agriboard Green Building Systems.

Health Care Home
Healthcare Home
USPS Facility
Electra Little House
Grand Lake
Grand Lake Interior
Electra 3
Mexico 1
Mexico 2
Sri Lanka
Haiti 1
Haiti 2
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About Us

Ron and Renae Ryan led Ryan International Airlines for over 30 years from Wichita, Kansas. They flew planes for UPS, Emery, Air Tran, Apple Vacations, and the U.S. Postal Service all around the world. Ryan’s company had over 2,500 employees with sales exceeding $300,000,000.

In 2000, Ryan purchased ‘Agriboard Industries’ in Texas realizing that this new affordable GREEN building material could benefit the construction industry, farmers, and home and commercial owners as well as improve environmental stewardship.

They have invested millions of dollars in research, development, testing, and filing new patents on straw panel construction. They have built hundreds of successful commercial and residential projects from New York to California and in several world areas. Ron and Renae are committed to manufacturing the new patented ‘Agriboard
Green Building Systems’ and establishing Agriboard around the world, as “A Smarter Way to Build”.

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